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  • Master tricky grammar rules and strengthen skills in tackling comprehension questions
  • Learn how to identify key ideas in sentences and paragraphs, and how to make inferences
  • Understand the different text types such as formal and informal styles
  • Work on writing skills and pick up tips on improving storylines and adding details to make stories come alive


  • Acquire and practise higher-order thinking in understanding and applying new mathematical concepts
  • Break down and solve Heuristics or word problems
    (e.g. Parts, Parts-Whole, Working Backwards)
  • Deepen understanding of basic mathematical concepts such as whole numbers and fractions


  • Revise and master concepts from lower primary
  • Introduce and deepen understanding of concepts through hands-on experiments and videos
  • Apply conceptual knowledge effectively in answering FRQs


  • Learn key writing techniques for composition excellence
  • Use a variety of idioms and proverbs in composition writing
  • Summarise thoughts and convert them into writing
  • Develop story ideas by analysing pictures

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