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Health Scams

Medicare fraud: "Your identity has been compromised. We will need to reissue a new Medicare card. Let me confirm a few items with you." The conversation sounds reasonable. "For a 100 dollar fee, I can navigate you through the Part D/ Obamacare maze."

Anti-aging products: As the elderly age, they can reach

out for their youth. Late night shopping, especially, products

claiming to have found the Fountain of Youth can deplete

funds and disappoint. Botox providers who are illegitimate

offer inferior product with a deadly base, but at a more

affordable price.

Funeral Scams: There are those who read the obituary and

make false claims of debts against the deceased. They

convinced the surviving spouse to pay. Sometimes, if a home

is left empty during the funeral, thieves will come into the

house. Upon occasion, a scrupulous funeral director will over

charge for an unneeded requirement or service.


Prescription Fraud: Many seniors are looking for help with prescription drug cost. They turn to the internet and receive aspirin for chemo drugs or a watered-down version of the drug they have requested. An early death is the ultimate consequence. 

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