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USO Has Surpassed Bob Hope's Dream of Providing a Connection To Home

Bob Hope toured with the USO for almost 50 years from 1921-1990. He had a compassion for those that served. He thought it was important to bring a piece of home to troops that otherwise might wait months for a letter from home. The USO that Bob Hope loved so much has expanded it's programs over the years to include programs for care packages, prom dresses for those that have parents deployed, and internet services during deployment. All of these programs are geared to keep the family communicating with their loved ones while they are deployed so that the family unit stays intact.

The USO has not forgotten where they started. USO shows that bring today's popular performers are still touring today with an audience of over 330,000. Along with the USO tours comes a gaming tent, which is one of the most popular events among soldiers.

Although the USO brings a taste of home, and some well needed laughter, this is not the only successful program they have. The transitioning service members and military spouse support program is one of the best military post service programs out there. They provide comprehensive support for military families whether the service member is active duty, has just come home from active duty, has left the military, or has been injured. If you know someone that would benefit from the support programs the USO offers visit their website.

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